• A site limit of FPS 368 maximum .  Or 500fps for single shot, bolt action snipers (30m min engagement) All weapons will be chronographed before commencement of play with our 0.20g bb's and random chronographing will take place throughout the day.  Any weapon found to be over the FPS limit must be placed back in the player's vehicle or locked in the site office until the end of the game. No exceptions will be made.
  • Only Pyros that have be bought from or approved by Brit-Tac can be used onsite, there is no exception to this rule!
  • The minimum age of players is 14 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult when on site(up to the age of 16).  A disclaimer will have to be signed by the supervising adult before play can commence.
  • All players must wear adequate footwear which gives maximum ankle support (i.e. boots, no trainers).  Players are also advised to wear full face masks.  This is not mandatory for adults but is a must for those under the age of 16 yrs.  Safety glasses to ballistic standard must be worn at all times on site except in the safe zone.
  • All players must ensure whilst travelling to and from the site that their weapons are transported in either a hard or soft case.  At no time should weapons be visible to the general public. This is for your own safety!
  • All players must sign in and out when entering or leaving the site.
  • No smoking is allowed whilst inside any of the buildings but provision will be made for smokers outside of the building.
  • No green military lasers to be used on site. Low powered red lasers are permitted.
  • Violence, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated on this site against players or marshals. Any person committing such an act will be removed from the building and membership will be terminated.
  • Anybody caught causing non-accidental damage to the site will be held liable for the cost of repair.
  • Players must not enter rooms or areas with 'out of bounds' signs on or warning tape.
  • The marshal's word is final.
  • no alcohol allowed on site.
  • no fixed blade knifes. Rubber training weapons must be approved for use on site
  • Semi -Auto only at the CQB
As from September 2015 Brit Tac Airsoft will be allowing the use of DMRs in response to the current demand from players.


DMR rules are as follows:


  • The appearance of the rifle must resemble a recognised DMR i.e. SR-25 or HK417 not a MP5K.  It should also have the appropriate scope or optics to suit its DMR role.
  • The rifle must be locked to semi auto only via a physical/mechanical lock; not a programmable MOSFET.
  • The maximum FPS allowed for a DMR using 0.2g BB is 420fps.
  • MED (minimum engagement distance) will be the same as snipers and is strictly set to 30m.
  • When firing, only one BB is allowed in the air at a time. This will prevent players ‘trigger spamming’ and eliminate the risk of players gaining an unfair advantage.
  • The maximum weight limit for DMR rounds will be 0.3g.
  • You must declare your rifle as a DMR at the chronograph. Whilst at the chrono your rifle will be given a different coloured tag to show it is a DMR and was chrono’d as such.
  • Only mid cap mags can be used with a DMR.  A maximum of 5 mags can be carried with no loose ammo or speed loaders.  Extra ammo should be kept at the regen or safe zone.
  • For the time being, only Brit-Tac members over the age of 18 years are allowed the use of a DMR. The opportunity to use a DMRs can be removed by Brit Tac administrators at any time.